The good news for lecturers and students is that the E-Learning Implementation Strategy and Plan for the University of Zululand  has been approved by Senate in 2009.

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Written by Neil Evans, PhD study   
Monday, 01 February 2010 11:06

Quality education requires the right combination of learning events, which constitutes a good learning strategy (LeClercq and Poumay, 2005), this in turn should promote meaningful learning through the acquisition of knowledge or skills obtained by study or experience (Oxford English Dictionary; 2009). LeClercq and Poumay (2005) proposed a theoretical reference model of eight learning events (see figure 1.1 page 6) as they sought to describe and conceive the diversity of learning / teaching experiences and their underpinning psychological theories (LeClercq and Poumay, 2005:1).

Figure 1.1 The eight learning events (adapted from LeClercq and Poumay, 2005)


1. LeClercq D. and Poumay M. (2005). The 8 Learning Events Model and its principles. [Online]. Available: Accessed: 4th January, 2009. 

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